Blue MRO, Maintenance center global management integrated solution

Blue MRO Presentation

Integrated solution

Blue MRO has been designed in accordance with worshops requirements in order to handle their full workflow in real-time and paperless.


As Blue EYE, an iOS application has been developed to answer issues concerning mobility.


No more specific devices are needed to perform a job, bring your own device and use our eJobCard application!

Efficient workflow from quotation to invoice

Project monitoring, Keep control

Work order monitoring

Work project need to be monitored in real-time and the project manager to be notified of maintenance operations progress. Our solution provides stunning dashboards to comply with these requirements.


Workshops build up maintenance programs and create quotations from them.

Then, following the customer approbation, the quotation is transformed into a Work Order and resources assignment can begin.

Spares, tools and materials management included

Blue MRO comes with an inventory management that keeps your inventory status up to date in order to anticipate projects parts, tools, and materials required.


Technicians are assigned to eJobCards and are provided with documentation, tooling, parts, materials in order to perform a work.


The application allows to highlight defects by taking a picture and to dictate a description of any problem.
Signing off the accomplished task has never been easier on an electronic device as you would do it as on paper.
A badging system allows you, as a manager, to monitor activity inside or outside your facility.

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