Blue EYE, a new generation fleet maintenance management solution

Blue EYE and Blue CAMO Presentation

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Blue EYE is designed to give CAMOs & Operators a complete and detailed overview of their fleet maintenance status.

Based on a tracking of components, publications, inspections… Blue EYE is able to quickly order a maintenance operation to a workshop.


It is accurate and efficient and will assist you in not missing any due deadline, moreover not to get one aircraft grounded for an unexplained reason.


Blue EYE is a key selling feature: The value of your aircraft is not to demonstrate because you can show any completed maintenance operation and/or coming due based on a 3 clicks away action.

eTechlog iPad solution, feel the power of real time

We offer our customer a global solution complying with EASA / FAA / etc. recommendations. Pilots are provided with the Blue EYE eTechlog app, which is to be used within the cockpit.
Our application includes following features:


iPhone, iPad, iTouch app.

100% paperless and always up to date, the cockpit is connected to the maintenance operations.

Drastically time saving

Improves operational communication chain efficiency. Get your crews & technical staff connected, and minimize human errors.

Data entering control

Human errors are minimized as the app can control if data is consistent.

Online & offline mode

Synchronize your device and work offline as long as required.

Free on the AppStore

Unlimited number of devices, just enter your credentials and get started.

Voice commands feature

Stop loosing time typing long description, just say it!

"We saved 1,400 man hours last year using the eTechlog app for only two aircraft!"

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